• 30 Apr 2020


Go Green, do your part to save mother Earth and get 10% discounts while doing so!
BYOB (Bring your Own Bowls) – Just bring your own bowls/ containers while you come for Take Away order and receive instant 10% discount on all meals & ala carte menu.

Bring Your Own (BYO) campaign aims to educate and encourage Singaporeans to bring their own reusable bags/ containers to do their shopping/ Take Aways, instead of taking single-use plastic bags/ containers. This campaign is in support of the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) “Say Yes to Waste Less” nationwide campaign. We at Tandoori Corner are proud to be part of this campaign and encourage you to Bring Your Own Bowls. BYO Singapore

To know more visit http://www.byosingapore.com/


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